Saratoga Symphony


October 10, 2010

Marche joyeuse  (1888, rev. 1890) 
Emmanuel Chabrier,

Suite No. 3, "Scènes dramatiques" (1873)
Jules Massenet

Prélude et divertissement  (The Tempest: Ariel and the sprites)

Mélodrame  (Othello: Desdemona's dream)

Scène finale (Macbeth: The witches, the feast, the apparition, coronation fanfares)


Harold in Italy, Symphony No. 3 in G for Orchestra with Solo Viola, Op. 16 (1834) 
Hector Berlioz

Harold in the Mountains: Scenes of melancholy, happiness, and joy

Procession of pilgrims singing the evening hymn

Serenade of an Abruzzi mountaineer to his sweetheart

Orgy of the Brigands; Reminiscences of preceding scenes

Geri Actor, viola