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October 9, 2016

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Ancient Dances and Airs for Lute,
Suite No. 1 (1917)

Ottorino Respighi

Balletto "Il conte Orlando": Simone Molinaro, 1599Balletto "Il conte Orlando": Simone Molinaro, 1599
Gagliarda: Vincenzo Galilei, ca. 1555Gagliarda: Vincenzo Galilei
Villanella: Anonymous, late 1500sVillanella: Anonymous
Passo mezzo e mascherada: Anonymous, late 1500sPasso mezzo e mascherada

Blumine, from Symphony No. 1 (1883-8), original version Blumine, from Symphony No. 1
Gustav Mahler

Matinées musicales, Second Suite of Five Movements from Rossini (1941), Op. 24
Benjamin Britten

March (from William Tell, Act III "Pas de soldats")March (from William Tell, Act III "Pas de soldats")
Nocturne (from Soirées musicales, No. 10 "La pesca")Nocturne (from Soirées musicales, No. 10 "La pesca")
Waltz (from Soirées musicales, No. 4 "L'orgia")Waltz (from Soirées musicales, No. 4 "L'orgia")
Pantomime (from Soirées musicales, No. 2 "Il rimproveso")
Pantomime (from Soirées musicales, No. 2 "Il rimproveso")
Moto perpetuo (Solfeggi e gorgheggi)Moto perpetuo (Solfeggi e gorgheggi)

Piano Concerto in g-minor, Op. 20 (1858)

Jozef Wieniawski

Allegro moderatoAllegro moderato
Allegro molto vivaceAllegro molto vivace

Sung Chang, piano
Encore Liebestraum Encore Liebestraum