Saratoga Symphony

Saratoga Symphony

About the Artists


Saratoga Symphony is composed of 45 dedicated local performers who participate in the orchestra for the love of music and educational benefits for the community.

The Saratoga Symphony has a unique reputation for dedicated performances of unusual repertory with the leadership of its Music Director, Dr. Jason Klein.  Their April 2005 revival of the Piano Concerto of Eric Zeisl was noted in the San Jose Mercury News as one of the Top Ten Classical Music Events of the Season in the Bay area.

ABOUT THE MUSIC DIRECTOR:  Stanford graduate Dr. Jason Klein has been an active and innovative music director in this area since 1970.   His entertaining introductions to the music add both historical and human dimensions that delight both novice and knowledgeable audience members.

In addition to the Saratoga Symphony, Dr. Klein is also Music Director of the Youth Orchestra of Southern Alameda County and Associate Conductor of the Oregon Coast Music Festival, with engagements to
guest-conduct the San Diego Chamber Orchestra and the Sewanee Music Festival in Tennesee.

You may reach Saratoga Symphony through Contact Dr. Klein through email .